Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Design Revisions

We've made some design revisions to include comments we've received. We're now working with the following parameters:

1. Finished space that will be built should all be on one level, around 1000 square feet, with 2 bedrooms and 1 full bath.
2. House should have a full basement with egress windows for potential future expansion.
3. A more traditional exterior is preferred.

We have a revised version of the bungalow (Beta), Elodie, and 3 variations on Sol. The exterior image can be used for any of the plans. Please let us know what you think!

This is the Beta bungalow plan.

This is the Elodie plan. Note that the bedrooms are facing the street, kitchen and living area in back near garage.

This is Sol version 1 - kitchen is closer to the back door. A full wall at the stair allows for cabinets.

Here's Sol version 2 - the kitchen is again closer to the garage but stair is open with cabinets against the exterior wall.

This is the original Sol (now version 3) with the kitchen in the northeast corner.

And finally an exterior image that would work with any of the plans. The roof would be built with trusses with insulation in the ceiling between attic and living space.


  1. there is so much room wasted away by the corridor leading to the garage. rather have the corridor and door be perpendicular to the interior bedroom walls; let that become yor corridor. place the door on that wall instead and give the space back to the bedroom. that would slighlty shift the position of the garage by about 3-6 feet, which is ok. another thought, there is a way to keep specific rooms conditioned throughout the day/night without having to heat the whole house. the long term savings may be worth the extra cost...
    i kind of wish that the front entrance bumped out or did something different. as of now, you open the door and you step right into the living/dinning room. there's got to be a better and more aesthetic solution. just a thought.

  2. I agree with the points made above.
    1) the corridors are wasted
    2) a bump out or architectural emphasis on entries would greatly help

    My favorite plan is the beta bungalow. It does the best job of organizing spaces with respect to use and orientation. There is little dedicated circulation as well. Here are my suggestions to improve this plan...
    1) as above, entries need some celebration (even in plan)
    2) reverse the door swing on the back door to allow view of long space rather than tight corner
    3) mirror stair and explore ways of utilizing space above basement stair for kitchen storage or small closet
    4) vanity is too small
    5) no linen closet (not necessity but where would extra towels and bedding go?)
    6) a small bump out to the south in dinning would add a lot to the interior and exterior

  3. I prefer version 3.
    I like the back door on the southwest corner. The corridor would become a defacto mud room - maybe it gets a change in floor finish for the last 5 feet or so. It also lets you bring in lots of light in the late afternoon which will diffuse into the main public space. I prefer the kitchen in the northeast - more wall space for upper cabinets, more countertop workspace with the peninsula. I agree that the main entry into the house needs to be special, somehow. Perhaps is moves to the southwest corner, in axis w/ the back door, and gets inset a foot or two.
    I think the elodie plan makes more sense if it is mirrored on the N-S axis.
    As for the form - I find it unexciting, but inoffensive. Proportionally, I'd like to see more of the hip and less of the gable, and possibly an unexpected little clerestory in the gable end.
    Whichever plan is selected - ALWAYS provide a coat closet. ALWAYS provide a linen closet.

  4. Like the Bungalow Beta. Should strive to eliminate hallways - wasted sq ft. Would revisit front entry design so it doesn't open into the living room. In the Midwest, this should be a distinct place - separated with knee wall, a place to sit and take off boots and drip snow. In the kitchen, put the fridge monument where the stove is, otherwise it creates a wall where a function peninsula could be. Front porch could be narrowed a bit to give more building articulation, and a few extra feet of depth would make it more liveable (and include a ceiling fan). Really like the Beta model.